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Author Topic: 5 Tips for Taking a Taxi in Bangkok  (Read 6704 times)  Share 


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5 Tips for Taking a Taxi in Bangkok
« on: March 19, 2012, 10:45:45 PM »
1. Learn some basic Thai wordsCarry a map or card from your hotelRemember your taxiBe aware of scams. While most drivers are on the up and up, there are some cabbies who try to make some extra baht in not-so-honest ways. Occasionally drivers may suggest a seafood restaurant or a massage parlor because they may receive perks from those establishments, including gas coupons, for bringing in customers. Another scam involves telling passengers that certain tourist spots are closed for a public holiday and instead you might end up at a cheesy tailor shop or a gem store. If you are asked to visit a store and you do not wish to go a firm NO will usually suffice, if the driver insists get out of the taxi as soon as you can and find a new driver.

5. Avoid taxis waiting near tourist areas
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